Why visit

Why visit

Welcome to EVTECH EXPO2020

As a professional new energy vehicle technology application and manufacturing exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, EV tech expo Shanghai gathers new energy vehicle manufacturers and new energy vehicle core parts production equipment factories from around the world every year, Tir1, Tir2, showing the latest here. Technology, products, services and equipment, sharing successful application cases and solutions; more than 20 global industry opinion leaders, authoritative experts and scholars here to explain the latest technology and industry trends in the industry, to show you the status of the industry from other regions of the world.

If you are looking for a truly global industry information exchange platform, look forward to participating in the interactive collision of East and West ideas; looking for a high-quality one-stop "new energy vehicle technology and manufacturing equipment and products" procurement platform, EV tech expo Shanghai exhibition is your entire Asia Pacific The best choice for the area.

At the EV tech expo Shanghai show:

The world's new energy automotive technology application and manufacturing Top200 brand to show you the industry's leading innovative products, technologies and solutions

Take you to a global industry community of more than 100,000 industry engineers and procurement experts

Bringing you to an exhibition site ecosystem of more than 10.000 highly professional engineers, purchasing decision makers, industry opinion leaders and world-wide researchers

More than 50 global industry opinion leaders present a wonderful free technical seminar and summit forum at the show