Why exhibit

Why exhibit

China's new energy vehicle technology exhibition first, you should not miss it!


——Stay true to the mission Start from “new”

In order to help the “Made in China 2025” strategy and realize the goal of “corner overtaking” of Chinese new energy automobiles, EVTECH EXPO, formerly known as Shanghai Energy-saving and New Energy Automobile Industry Expo, will be officially upgraded to “Shanghai International New Energy Automotive Technology Exhibition” from 2020 to build a forward-looking business platform for new energy automobile technology in the world.


According to data from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), from January to June 2019, the overall production and sales volume of auto industry in China was 12.132 million and 12.323 million, down 13.7% and 12.4% respectively on year-on-year basis. Among them, the production and sales volume of new energy automobiles was 614,000 and 617,000 respectively, up 48.5% and 49.6% respectively on year-on-year basis. With the continuous introduction of support policies for new energy automobiles, the development of new energy automobile industry has undoubtedly risen to the national strategic level. New energy automobile technology is particularly important as the cornerstone of industry development. To help the steady development of global new energy automobile industry and showcase the advanced technologies of new energy automobiles, Qiyang Exhibition Group, together with New Energy Automobile Industry Associations at home and abroad, will hold the 14th Shanghai International New Energy Automotive Technology Exhibition (EVTECH EXPO for short) in 2020, and new energy automobiles will be re-launched at Shanghai New International Expo Center on June 10-12.


—— Upgrade and services keep pace with the times

The upgraded “EVTECH EXPO”, with an English name of Shanghai International New Energy Automotive Technology Exhibition (EVTECH EXPO), The exhibition scope includes: battery motor electric control, three-electric assembly technology and equipment, electronic components, hydrogen cell technology and hydrogen refueling station, new energy automobile wiring harness, connectors, heat management, test and measurement, charging pile (station) and light weight and so on.


EVTECH EXPO will hold high-end industry activities such as “World New Energy Automobile Development Summit Forum”, “China International New Energy Automobile Technology Development Summit Forum” and “China International New Energy Automobile Industry Competitive Enterprise Selection” with the principle of combination of “exhibition” and “conference”, and with the new energy automobile technology as the breakthrough point and forward-looking perspective of promoting the upgrade of new energy automobile industry and the sustainable development of the company. Chinese academicians, industry experts who have made achievements in this field and researchers of new technology research and development will be specially invited to serve as the keynote speakers of the forum for keynote speeches on topics such as development trend of global new energy automobiles, scientific research achievements, industrial innovation and development, interpretation of prospect and policies of Chinese new energy automobile market, electronic components of new energy automotives, motors of new energy automotives, power battery core technology, hydrogen cells, construction of charging piles (station), lightweight of automotives, and safety of new energy automotives, and core component manufacturers and exhibitors from related fields will also be invited to attend the exhibition.


In addition, “New Products of New Energy Automotives and New Technology Promotion Exhibition Areas” will be opened at the exhibition site to focus on the promotion of new products with leading technology in the field of new energy automotives. With the theme of transformation of domestic and international leading scientific research achievements into productivity, industry and enterprise technology experts will be invited to promote and interpret advanced technologies on the site, enabling professional visitors to conduct a deep face-to-face communication with the research and development of new products and new technologies, and exhibitors to teach application technology to professional visitors in a targeted manner, which is practical, and accelerates the speed at which scientific research achievements are transformed into productivity and provides powerful new kinetic energy for the development of enterprises and industries.


—— Outstanding persons come together for the great event


In the fourteenth year, EVTECH EXPO2020 will be based on the theme of “New Four Modernizations, New Energy, New Technology”. Previous exhibitions attracted main engine plants of new energy automotives, passenger cars and commercial vehicles, such as Tesla, SAIC, BAIC BJEV, BYD Energy, Chery New Energy, JAC New Energy, Geely New Energy, NIO, Weltmeister, AIWAYS, Lixiang, PEUGEOT CITROEN, Yutong, SUNLONG, Nanjing Golden Dragon, Ankai, Shaanxi Tong Jia, SAIC MAXUS and Liuzhou Wuling, as well as manufacturers of parts and components, such as BYD, CATL, CALB, Gotion, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, EDRIVE, Jing-Jin Electric, CRRC Times, ENGGA Electric, CLOU, YUEBOO, ATBS, HD New Energy, ON Semiconductor, Amphenol, Arkema, LEM, Victory Giant Technology, Liebherr, Fusheng Yihang, Star Charge, State Grid, SAIC SHPT, Xi’an Sinofuse, Ningbo Forward, Sunrise Power, Aerospace Electric, TE Connectivity, Jiaze, Griller, Aile Connection, Jinyou Jinhong, NORMA China, DAICEL, ElringKlinger, HQHP, Tianhai Industry, Bolken Energy Technology, Snowman Group, American UQM, Gühring, BASF, Faratronic, BM Cap, Zhengyang Electronic, Ansteel, Baosteel, Taiyuan Iron & Steel, Grad, Han’s Laser, Fronius, Zaide Automation, Naris, Aerospace Engineering, Fluke, Yili Locomotive, Taybo Environmental Technology, Zhejiang Dunan, Xenbo, Permabond, NEFAB China, Varied Electric, Hitachi Metals, etc., to take part in the exhibition.